N-Power Device Collection Latest Update: All You Need To Know

This article explain all you need to know about the N-Power Ipad Device collection and some facts and important information you need to look at and be aware of. 

Please read this carefully.

1. You will recall that we shared a Device Delivery Update on
the 5th of August and explained the process of receiving,
pre—loading and delivering the devices.

2. You will also recall that we stated that the Federal
Government of Nigeria entered into an Asset Finance
Agreement with the Bank of Industry to provide devices.

Certain vendors were preapproved by the Bank of Industry to
provide those devices.

3. As at today, some vendors have delivered their devices but
Brian and Speedstar are yet to be delivered.

4. Now for the devices that have been delivered, a team is
currently pre-loading each device with over one million

resources which includes videos, textbooks and so much

5. To move the process along, we have begun to deliver
devices to beneficiaries (who selected devices before
March, 2017) in Lagos and Abuja.

6. There has however, been a hold on delivering devices to N-
Agro volunteers in Lagos and Abuja.
*Lagos, because they have not completed their training withthe Ministry of Agric.

*Abuja, because a huge number of N-Agro beneficiaries didNOT turn up for the training. The ones who turned up will becontacted soon.
7. Those who received their devices in Lagos and Abuja
would have noticed that they had to go to the MTN Service
Centers to collect them.

8. But the pace was not very fast, so it was ramped up for
Rivers State.

9. For those collecting devices in Rivers, we ask that you be
orderly, don't rush. It is NOT a first come, first serve basis.
Each device has been marked with your name. NO ONE can
give your device to anyone else.

10. We understand some scrupulous elements have been
demanding money from you to get into the venue. DO NOT
Take a photo, record a video and post it here, it will beaddressed immediately.
11. Shipping has begun to 7 other states asides from Lagos,
Abuja and Port-Harcourt. The states will be announced once
the logistics have been fully addressed.

12. Please understand that this is a process. Everyone will
get their devices. Be patient.

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