Npower September/October Shortlisted Candidates 2017 Released (Check Full Names Here)

Hello Npower Volunteer Programme participants, this article is a latest update for the N-power 2017/2018 Recruitment session. We have brought you new updates for the list of shortlisted candidates for September and October this year. Login Npower Here.

Furthermore, this latest update is for N-POWER AGRO, N-POWER TAX, N-POWER BUILD, N-POWER CREATIVE, N-POWER HEALTH and N-POWER TEACH for graduated only. The N-Knowledge, N-POWER TECH HARDWARE and N-POWER TECH SOFTWARE was not included this year for reasons we don't know.

In a like manner, this year's Npower recruitment and published list of names did not include Non-graduates yet. We believe that Npower team are still making preparations for tradesmen/women as directed by the Federal Government, under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Npower Selection List of Shortlisted Candidates 2017 [1st & 2nd Batch] - 300,000 Names 

We all know that the first batch of some 300,000 names was released online last month as the list of successful applicants that was selected from the Npower recruitment process that took place in May/June this year. During that time, we published NPower Device Distribution Schedule (IPAD, Zinox Z Pad, Samsung Tab E, Tecno Pad, RLG, Floss) for those that fortunate enough to see their names online.

Sadly, so many participants did not see their names online dues to one eligibility issue or the other. It was recorded that some people were not selected because wrong information during their registration process. Other reason are not within our reach at this moment.

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As a matter of some, applicants who applied for this job are still expecting their names to be published in the Npower second batch (2nd phase) or even in the third batch. Everyone has been waiting patiently for the Npower organizers to come up with new updates.

Latest Updates on Shortlisted Names

IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is equally important that you should know that as at the time of writing this, Npower has not currently released any other batches of shortlisted names for September. However, we look forward to October, November and December for new names to be shortlisted.

UPDATES: List of Npower shortlisted Candidates 2017-2018 check list below;

First Batch of Npower Shortlisted
Second Batch Shortlisted Npower Names
Final Batch of Npower Shortlisted Candidates 

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How To Check 2017/2018 N-Power List of Shortlisted Candidates

Whenever a new UPDATE of Npower 2017/2018 shortlisted candidates and assessment list is out, just log on to to Check your Names or simply Click Here.

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In conclusion, this N-Power 2017/2018 Shortlisted Applicants | N-Power Portal Assessment has come to an end. In the details found above, we talked about the newly shortlisted names for Npower. We also showed you How to check 2017 Npower Assessment Test Result Successfully.
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